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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Now what

I am feeling overwhelmed by ALL the great junk I want to share with all of you blog readers-one, Thanks Brad. 

Today I am obsessed with getting back into my yoga practice. (Thank you to my dear yogi friend Marisa!)  Having fallen out of it due to the one million degree heat this summer, I am now yearning to be "flowing" with strength and passion the way that I used to in the past few years.  Sunday the love was reignited by one of the most powerful, beautiful women yoga has ever produced...well, she produces awesome yogis.  Her name is Stephanie Young and she is known affectionately as "yoga mom." 

Her studio surrounds a yogi with meaningful shadow lit by tiny tea lights.  Heat and soul encompassed by a huge heart for bettering oneself and ones practice keeps the room feeling alive.  The music has been known to make a sweat drenched, heart pounding practitioner lose their fear by hearing the beats and words prophetically telling you to keep going when you feel you can't.  And just when you are shaking through the last twist and lunge your body can possibly take, there is yoga mom to make you giggle when challenging you the think of your post yoga vino!  Alas, no time for vino yet, yoga mom has some delicious ab workouts to finish your meltdown.

All of this takes place at Karmany Yoga in Dallas.  Steph also teaches Sundays at Krama Yoga in Carrollton...yes that is far from the bubble, BUT she is worth it! :) That's all I've got today about yoga.  Stay tuned for my adventures at my other fave yoga places.  Got to run, I'm busy downloading new yoga music from MC YOGI....

PS- Shopping obsession of the day is Michael's.  60 percent off custom framing rocked my world today!  Awesome...oh and their dollar bins ruled for early Christmas shopping and some amazing note cards for fun thank you notes.  ENJOY.

This blog is still being figured out.  Read at risk.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Head First

Well, for years I have been curious as to what all the nonsense about blogs consisted of...Why..who has time...who cares...etc?  So, as I am typing this, (because I am bored at jury duty) I am still a bit concerned, yet excited about this new thing I am doing. Enter the world of blogging here.  I have a crazy sense of humor combined with a mad passion for all things that I LOVE! 

Here goes nothing kids, Salty (my nickname) has started her own page of history in the blogosphere.

Items to include, yet not limited to: WINE, yoga, fashion, fun things, travel bits, food, items of hilarity, my dogs, my bf Brad, (apologies in advance sweetheart) my friends, and anything else that may interest me along the way.  Stay interested friends....this is about to be greatness at its best.
That's it for now,